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Industry Leaders Call on Scots Manufacturers to Embrace Circular Economy

The business of boosting Scottish manufacturing by making it more circular – unlocking the economic opportunities of maximising resource use and developing new business models– will be addressed at a series of high profile lectures and masterclasses launched by Zero Waste Scotland .

A programme of leading speakers from the world of manufacturing has been unveiled for the prestigious series of manufacturing events, aimed at industry leaders, especially in high-value sectors such as aerospace, engineering, marine, defence, automotive and oil and gas. Speakers include including Tapani Jokikinen, VP of Circular Devices, creator of the Puzzle Phone, and lead designer on the Nokia a 3310.

The Scotland-wide programme of lectures, part of delivery of the Manufacturing Action Plan, is free and CPD-accredited, and supplemented by masterclasses for specialist technical staff at Scotland’s small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) who have the potential to be the powerhouse of the transition to a circular economy.

Mark Dempsey, UK Head of Social and Environmental Responsibility at IT giant HP Inc will launch the lecture series at Glasgow School of Art, on 18 January, with an address centred around ‘introducing the business of circular economy: principles and models’.

He will describe the company’s progress in taking responsibility for its products throughout the entire lifecycle – to understand and minimise their environmental impacts.

Mark said:

The circular economy is the next big economic frontier for business, and it’s happening now – and it presents particular opportunities to open up new avenues for the manufacturing sector. I’m excited to be asked to come to Glasgow in January. I’ll be sharing my experiences at HP and exploring what more circular ways of doing business could look like, with leaders in Scottish manufacturing.”

While the lectures are open to all businesses, with particular emphasis on SMEs. The masterclasses are for SMEs only.

For more information about the lecture series and masterclasses, or to book your place, please visit the Zero Waste Scotland website