How we work with remanufacturers

SIR acts as the link between remanufacturers and manufacturers.  We identify companies seeking to engage remanufacturers or develop their own remanufacturing activities.

We can help with;

  • identifying new and emerging technologies, as well as existing technologies to support remanufacturing strategies
  • highlighting and developing new marketing opportunities
  • enabling new value streams
  • supporting optimisation of existing services and manufacturing activities
  • brokering introductions with other manufacturers and industries to enable cluster building

We take the stress out of looking for opportunities and can connect you with manufacturers currently looking for solutions to remanufacturing challenges.

Read our Case Studies to learn more about how we have worked with remanufacturers and companies exploring the feasibility of adopting a remanufacturing strategy.

Get in touch to find out more, or to discover how you can become one of the SIR recommended remanufacturers.