How we work with manufacturers

Changing business processes, and finding ways to partake in the circular economy and manufacture sustainably can be dauntingWorking with the Scottish Institute for Remanufacturing gives you access to world class remanufacturing experts, who will identify how remanufacturing can help your business.  Successful remanufacturing will result in a reduction in manufacturing costs, a reduction in maintenance costs, improved reliability and an improved product, time and again. 

Working with SIR means you can do this in a time and cost efficient way , while accessing the highest quality information and advice available.

SIR bridges the gap between university research and industrial application, facilitating a collaborative environment in which companies of all sizes and across a range of sectors can respond to technical challenges to increase remanufacturing in their manufacturing operations.

We will help you to identify and deliver innovation into your business, enabling collaboration between you and research experts from across the university base.

Our services include; access to state-of-the-art testing facilities to remove risk and ensure high quality remanufactured products, introductions to academics and remanufacturing providers, advice and understanding of legislation, support to change business processes, and access to knowledge and Continual Professional Development content for you and your team.

We provide:

  • Support and leadership in applying for matched funding to dedicate academic time, expertise and resources to your project.
  • Connection to our network of university partners and their academic experts in areas such as automation, inspection, cleaning, process optimisation, business modelling and reverse logistics.
  • Access to state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to investigate and test improvements to remanufacturing processes.
  • An invitation to become part of the remanufacturing community through workshops, meetings and networking events, where you can learn and share knowledge in remanufacturing technology, processes and tools.

Start your journey towards net zero today

Your journey with the Scottish Institute for Remanufacturing begins with our Free Remanufacturing Online Form where our experts look at your organisation, processes and objectives and establish where remanufacturing can help your company.