Route to Net Zero

Find out what we are doing to help in the journey towards net zero emissions

In Scotland, there is a commitment to become a Net Zero country by 2045. To achieve this, all carbon generating activities need to be minimised as a priority, and offset as a last resort. This is a huge challenge that requires engagement from the whole of society, but many organisations are working to enable this transition through advice, support and leading by example.

The fundamental aim of remanufacturing is to reduce waste in all its forms. As well as encouraging and supporting organisations to adopt a remanufacturing business model and move to a circular economy, with Net Zero emissions, The Scottish Institute for Remanufacturing is itself committed to being a Net Zero organisation.

Using Zero Waste Scotland’s ‘Our Path to Net-Zero’ plan, The Scottish Institute for Remanufacturing is following their five principles to guide the Net Zero journey;

  • All net-zero strategies must be evidence-led; – measure and identify emissions, develop plans to reduce, monitor progress and review strategy
  • They must achieve absolute emissions reduction;
  • They must prioritise emissions reductions over offsets;
  • Organisations need to go beyond net-zero to tackle their whole carbon footprint; – by working to reduce emissions across their entire supply chain
  • To accelerate change, we must share our successes and failures.

As a member of a wider academic institution, calculating the baseline of SIR’s emissions (in terms of electricity, gas, waste, water, and corporate travel), is complex, however we are committed to establishing this and using it to collaborate with the University of Strathclyde in making demonstratable reductions.

Look out for our updates on how we are progressing.