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Tony Bhogal, CEO at Autoelectric, Excel Automotive Group

Tony Bhogal

‘As the circular economy gains more traction and perception of remanufactured product improves in addition to the cost benefits, remanufacturing has a bright future.’

Tony Bhogal, CEO, Autoelectro, Excel Autmotive Group

Where are you based? Yorkshire

How long have you worked in remanufacturing? 32 years

How do you explain remanufacturing, in your own words? Remanufacturing is a great way of optimising the earth’s finite resources and is a cost effective solution for replacing products that have a limited life. The process of remanufacturing involves complete disassembly of the product, replacement of all wearing parts and any parts that have an inherent design fault, reassembly and testing to at least original equipment standards. The remanufactured product can actually end up being superior to the original item.

What remanufacturing is your company involved in? Rotating electrics, cv joints, driveshafts, calipers

How has working with SIR helped you? By raising the profile of remanufacturing.

What would you say to a company interested in getting involved in remanufacturing? Quality is critical and investment has to be made in processes and, importantly, in testing components and the final product.