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Michael Forbes, General Manager, Refurbishment Engineering at Renewable Parts Ltd

Michael Forbes

‘Working with SIR has allowed us to carry out R & D which would otherwise have been cost prohibitive. It has helped us to understand better the failures of used components and how to qualify our processes.’

Where are you based? Lochgilphead

How long have you worked in remanufacturing? 2 years

How do you explain remanufacturing, in your own words? Remanufacturing is a credible and scalable way of reusing components without compromising on reliability.

What remanufacturing is your company involved in?  A broad range of wind turbine components. Mainly planetary reduction gearboxes and brake callipers.

Why do we need remanufacturing? Remanufacturing is the key to creating a circular economy and therefore should be a focus for any business serious about sustainability and implementing real change.

What would you say to a company interested in getting involved in remanufacturing? Ensure that your reverse supply chain is clear and effective in order to maintain a flow of unserviceable goods to maintain feed stock

Where do you see the world of remanufacturing in ten years time? In 10 years time remanufacturing will be the norm, and the consumer will justifiably expect a remanufactured component to be effectively as good (if not better than) new.