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The European Remanufacturing Network

In a move to encourage remanufacturing growth, the European Commission is funding a two year project to form a European Remanufacturing Network (ERN) to coordinate and support remanufacturers across Europe.

The main aims of the project are to encourage new businesses to take up remanufacturing, help existing remanufacturers improve their operations, and to improve competitiveness of remanufacturers domestically and internationally. The project intends to create greater awareness of remanufacturing in the public and with policy makers, in order to increase demand and address barriers.

Focused activities will include mapping out the current remanufacturing landscape in Europe and estimating its future potential; providing industry with remanufacturing knowledge, tools and partnerships; disseminating best practice in remanufacturing business models, processes and design; and undertaking an information campaign to raise the profile of the European remanufacturing industry.

The results of the ERN will be revealed and disseminated through six workshops located across Europe in 2016, one of which will be hosted by the Scottish Institute for Remanufacture at the University of Strathclyde.  The results will include a remanufacturing market study and information on remanufacturing practices in business models, design and process. Remanufacturing tool-kits will also be produced from the results of the study.

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