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ERN Toolkit – the why, the how and the what of Remanufacturing

The European Remanufacturing Network (ERN) has announced the launch of its digital toolkit, designed to tackle some of the big questions surrounding remanufacturing.

The toolkit highlights examples of remanufacturing across various business sizes and sectors within Europe and showcases the economic, environmental and operational benefits implementation of strategies can provide industry.

The toolkit centres around 3 main themes;

  • Business Models –  how different remanufacturing companies are maintaining their business.
  • Design – shows how businesses are making remanufacturing a more profitable business by designing products to be remanufactured from the outset.
  • Process –  demonstratates how state of the art knowledge and experience improves the processes of remanufacturing companies and highlights best practice across sectors.

The ERN is a European Commission funded 2 year project with the ambition to:

  • encourage new businesses to take up remanufacturing
  • help existing remanufacturers improve their operations
  • improve competitiveness of remanufacturers domestically and internationally
  • create greater awareness of remanufacturing in the public and policy makers to increase demand and address barriers

Dr Winifred Ijomah (SIR Technical Director) and the Remanufacturing group she established and leads are key members of the ERN and have been involved in pulling together case studies in the United Kingdom.