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Invitation to join China Mission – May 2016

With a large population and growing middle class, China has the potential to become one of the world’s largest future remanufacturing markets. With an aim to reduce environmental pollution and increase resource security and sustainability, the Chinese government is rigorously promoting remanufacturing through legislation (e.g. Circular Economy Promotion Law), incentive policies and investments in remanufacturing technology which has led to increased awareness among customers and the rapid development of the remanufacturing market.

A China mission is currently being organised by the University of Brighton (Dr. Yan Wang, UK leader of the project) and National Key Lab for Remanufacturing China (Prof. Wei Zhang, China leader) for the end of May 2016.  The agenda will include attending the Remanufacturing Summit 2016 and a visit to industry demonstration base. The potential UK benefits of the mission for the delegate are:

  • Understand and appreciate the market size, state of art technology and opportunity of remanufacturing in global context;
  • State of the art remanufacturing supportive policies, equivalent quality components, warranty policy and pilot programs in China
  • Practical customs process and trade trials for cores and remanufacturing components; experience sharing on remanufacturing import & export from companies’ perspective
  • Remanufacturing development and policy evolvement sharing by various countries
  • In-depth discovering on the key points of core collection and core management with a smooth reverse logistics;
  • First hand experiences through site visit to remanufacturing industrial demonstration park

For further information on this opportunity or to register your interest, please contact Dr Wang