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Your Circular Journey – Webinar Series

Monday 5th October – Thursday 8th October 2020

Join us for a series of webinars focused on helping you begin your journey towards circularity. In this series we consider the opportunities and challenges for manufacturing companies, introducing remanufacturing as an end of life strategy and exploring how to create value with a circular business model. We will hear from some manufacturing businesses who have already taken steps to become circular, and have a discussion around standards in remanufacturing – what is already in place and the work needed to expand this further.

Registration is via the links below. Each webinar is free to attend and is delivered via Zoom. We look forward to seeing you there!

What is remanufacturing? – Monday 5th October 2020

Dr. Winifred Ijomah, Director of SIR and a leading figure in remanufacturing research, introduces the basics of what remanufacturing actually is, and the benefits it can provide both economically and environmentally.

Monday 5th October 2020, 11am – 12noon GMT.

Circular Economy vs Productivity – Is it a Competition? – Tuesday 6th October 2020

Prof. Umit Bititci has worked with hundreds of companies exploring how their business models allow them to create value. In this webinar, he will explore the impact a circular business model has on value creation and productivity, using industry examples to lead the discussion.

Tuesday 6th October 2020, 12.30pm – 1.30pm GMT.

Standards in remanufacturing – Wednesday 7th October 2020

Sarah Kelly from the British Standards Institution (BSI) will lead the discussion on the importance of standards in remanufacturing, the work already undertaken in this area in terms of engagement, projects, and work programmes, and what industry needs to do to drive this agenda.

Wednesday 7th October 2020, 3pm – 4pm GMT.

Circular Economy in action – Thursday 8th October 2020

We hear from some manufacturing companies who have begun their circular journey, and will give you their insights and experiences.

Putting the Circular Economy into Practice: chipping away at CO2 – Circulogic

Geoff founded Circulogic in 2016 as a specialist provider of resource and waste management consultancy and linked supply chain services – driven by the shift towards a Circular Economy. As well as delivering a portfolio of consulting projects for clients including WRAP, Geoff is the founder of a pioneering Circular Economy pilot for the golf sector, and linked product lines under the EcoWOW brand.

In this webinar Geoff will talk about the challenges of applying Circular Economy principles to golf, and the experience and lessons learnt from a pilot project funded via Zero Waste Scotland’s Circular Economy Investment Fund. The talk will cover motivations behind the garage2green scheme, collaborative working, material-specific challenges, carbon savings, secondary product development and future perspectives on what is needed to make the industry more circular.

Circularising a highly regulated commodity – Highland Galvanisers

Motorway barrier is a safety item, and subject to a high level of regulation. Past practice has been to scrap the steel when it rusts and replace with new. The old steel gets recycled, re-use having been thought of as impossible.

The steel is protected by galvanizing, a sacrificial (or wearing) coating. When depleted the steel corrodes quickly. Intercepting this cycle at the end of the coating life can retain the value of the steel, which can be re-coated and do another life. This presentation recounts the journey so far in introducing Circular Economy concepts into the road management industry and its Government control. Highland Galvanizers coats 500 tonnes of steel a week to protect it from rusting away. Geoff Crowley is a metallurgist, and a director of the company.

Thursday 8th October 2020, 11am – 12noon GMT