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Remade in Scotland Award – A Celebration of Scottish Innovation

Back for it’s third year, the Business Insider Made in Scotland awards in partnership with the Advanced Forming Research Centre champions all aspects of transformational discoveries and developments made in Scotland.

In an ever more crowded marketplace organisations must introduce new products and processes to stand out. Scottish Business Insider invites innovative companies and individuals that have found success both domestically and internationally to enter the Made in Scotland Awards and have their contribution recognised.

This year, the Scottish Institute for Remanufacture is proud to sponsor a new award category celebrating businesses who work within the circular economy providing products or processes that will help move Scotland from a throwaway society towards an environment where products are designed and manufactured to be reused, repaired, reconditioned and remanufactured.

This award is open to Scottish companies of any size and in any sector who can demonstrate innovation within the design and/or manufacturing process which contribute to extending product lifecycles and divert waste from landfill.  The winning company can be the original manufacturer of the product or an independent remanufacturer.

Innovation should be evidenced in a product or a process created within the last two years which clearly demonstrates reuse rather than recycling*.

The impact of the new product or process must be evidenced in at least one of the following criteria:

  • Environmental Impact
  • Economic impact to Scotland (revenue growth, jobs, internationalisation)
  • Transferrable impact (ie impact is felt at a wider level, socially etc)
  • Results in a cultural or behavioural change external to the organisation e.g. supply chain, customers or consumers

Any process or product whereby an item is reused, remanufactured or refurbished to extend its lifecycle is eligible to apply.

For details on all the categories and how to enter, please visit the Made in Scotland website.