This project has highlighted that there is a range of value creation patterns across remanufacturing and repair businesses, from exploring the full benefits of a leading OEM brand to a more servitised offer that simplifies customer processes.

A Design for Remanufacture toolkit

Designing for a circular economy Design for Remanufacture (D4R) is an area of product development that has grown in prominence with the increasing interest in how manufactured goods can be efficiently processed within a circular economy. The aim of this project was to create a D4R tool to facilitate the design for remanufacture process that […]

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The Road to Net Zero

Webinar Recordings A huge thank you to the speakers at our Road to Net Zero webinar series for their honest and engaging presentations. We heard about the progressive work being done across various sectors to move towards a circular or more sustainable business model, with great insight into the challenges faced and overcome. The opportunities […]

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Road to Net Zero – Webinar Series

In this series we consider the implications of Net Zero legislation and how this is translating into action amongst manufacturers across various sectors. Registration is via the links below. Each webinar is free to attend and is delivered via Zoom. You will receive the joining link on the morning of the webinar. We look forward […]

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