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Circular Manufacturing Lecture – 1st February

How to profit from product service systems – lease and asset management/sharing

Dr Stafford Lloyd, Systems and Sustainability Engineer at Riversimple Hydrogen Cars


The Assembly Rooms
Thursday 1 Feb 2018


Stafford is a specialist in hydrogen energy and the circular economy at Riversimple. There, Stafford is responsible for bringing Whole System Design practice to the engineering team and reducing the environmental impacts of the vehicle throughout its life cycle. Previously, Stafford worked in Life Cycle Engineering and Systems Design at Rolls-Royce plc. Stafford was previously Chair of the Design for Environment Working group for the Aerospace, Defence and Securities (ADS) industry association, coordinates Riversimple’s involvement in the Ellen MacArthur Foundation CE100 programme, and regularly speaks at national and international events on the circular economy.

Riversimple is the world’s first independent manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cell passenger vehicles. Beyond this, Riversimple is also the first car company to adopt a circular service-based ownership model, which rewards longevity, efficiency and recovery of value at end of life, with no actual product for sale. In his lecture, Dr Stafford Lloyd will address the current industrial shift from selling products to providing Product/Service-Systems (PSS), and the new business and market opportunities this represents to the manufacturing sector.

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