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Design for manufacture, assembly, disassembly and end-of-life processing –  News from BSI’s TDW/4/7 committee

British Standard’s TDW/4/7 committee is delighted to be given the opportunity by SIR to update you on its activities, standards and work programme. The committee is looking forward to another busy year of events and meetings based around our BS 8887 series of standards – Design for manufacture, assembly, disassembly and end-of-life processing (MADE).

BS 8887 series of standards

The BS 8887 series comprises a number of published parts with the committee working on proposals for additional new standards based on industry need and requirements. To date we have published the following standards:

  • BS 8887-1:2006, Design for MADE – Part 1: General concepts, process and requirements;
  • BS 8887-2:2009, Design for MADE – Part 2: Terms and definitions;
  • BS 8887-220:2010, Design for MADE – Part 220: The process of remanufacture;
  • BS 8887-240:2011, Design for MADE – Part 240: Reconditioning;
  • BS 8887-211:2012, Design for MADE – Part 211, Specification for reworking and remarketing of computing hardware.

New work

TDW/4/7 is currently working on a new part of the series. BS 8887-3 is being talked about as “the missing link” between all of the other parts. It will be a standard giving advice and recommendations on what decisions need to be made around which end-of-life route to take. Its title will be “Guide to choosing an appropriate end-of-life strategy” and we are expecting publication this summer, 2018.

International outlook

We have successfully taken the first part of the series, BS 8887-1, to the international standards organization (ISO) and converted it into an international standard.  The national committee aims to take additional parts forward to the international working group starting with BS 8887-2, the terminology standard, this year.

Developments in remanufacturing

The committee’s links with SIR have been strong over the years with a number of our committee experts attending and speaking at events in Glasgow as well as a number of SIR experts and members contributing actively to the work of the committee. BS 8887-220, the part of the series on the process of remanufacture, was published back in 2010. If any SIR members have any comments or proposals for the standard we would be delighted to receive them. If you think the standard should be revised or amended or added to in anyway, please let us know.

Get Involved

Anyone interested in the work of the committee should consider joining The Standards Development site which also provides access to all public comment drafts.

Registration to the site is free and very straightforward and allows anyone interested in draft standards to review the documents and add any comments online. Comments are then reviewed and considered as part of the standards development process.

Further general information on taking part in standards work can be found at :

The committee is always keen to engage with relevant industry and academic experts and welcomes suggestions, comments and proposals.  New members are also welcome to join its standards drafting groups, national committees or international working groups.

If you would like to get involved in any way in the Design for MADE committee, please contact Sarah Kelly, Lead Programme Manager and Committee Secretary to TDW/4, at BSI on