Challenges for Remanufacturing

Some of the Barriers

Whilst there is a great deal of opportunity for remanufacturing in Scotland there are a few barriers that need to be addressed:

There is an overall lack of awareness of remanufacturing, from both consumers and manufacturers. Part of the problem is definition – there are a lot of “REs” out there: re-use, refurbish, repair, recondition. For remanufacture there is also the lack of a universally accepted and recognised definition.


Consumers have negative perceptions of remanufactured products; they tend to be viewed as inferior to new products. While consumers will not pay a premium for a more circular product, research has shown that the environmental information does have an impact on their choice.


Remanufactured products compete with cheaper products that have simply been cleaned and re-sprayed and there is no way for the consumer to differentiate the higher quality remanufactured product.


The supply chain for remanufacturing is very different to traditional remanufacturing; reverse logistics are needed to return the used product from end-users. It is not a reliable flow in terms of volume and the level of quality of returned items differs greatly.



Poor component and product design for remanufacturing often makes it difficult to disassemble.