Design for Remanufacturing (DfR) Workshop – July 2017

The suitability of products for reuse and remanufacture is largely dependent on decisions made during the initial design process.  There are key product properties that can have a positive or negative effect on the ease with which a product can be disassembled, cleaned and rebuilt therefore it is essential that consideration is given to these features at an early stage in product development.

The Scottish Institute for Remanufacture, together with academics from the University of Strathclyde’s Design Manufacturing and Engineering Management Department are working on a project to design a simple set of guidelines allowing companies to quickly assess whether or not the product being designed will be suitable for remanufacture or reuse.

As part of the project, a half day workshop will be held to review the steps of the Design for Remanufacture (DfR) Life Cycle.

The workshop aims to collect the opinion of representatives of manufacturers and designers to review if the steps and issues identified in the guidelines are easy to understand and apply

During the workshop, our visual document representing the re-manufacturing process will be tested.

Get involved – if you’re interested in finding out about the design for remanufacture process and helping us to create a practical set of guidelines  for use in product design, please join us for our workshop in mid July (date to be confirmed)  You can register your interest by emailing and we’ll be in touch with more details soon.